Dental implant: A titanium post that acts as a replacement for the root of the tooth. 

 Dental implant services offered:

 A. Single implants

 B. Multi-tooth implant retained (locator attachment) dentures

 C. All on Four-"teeth in a day" 

 Frequently asked questions

 1. What is a Dental Implant?:
     A titanium post that acts as a replacement for the root of the tooth.

 2. Can anyone get implants?:
     Just about anyone can get dental implants. The top risk factors are smokers, tobacco and cannabis (marijuana), long term steroid users,         Crohn's disease, and bisphosphonate use. 

3. Does dental or medical insurance cover dental implants?: 
    Most dental and medical insurances do not cover implants. Some insurance plans cover a very small portion. Talk with Dr. Dunaway's                 patient education coordinator about insurance benefits. 

4. Who will place the implants?:
    Dr. Dunaway works with board certified surgeons who have advanced training in "teeth in a day". Dr. Dunaway has over 25 years                   experience and advanced training of restoring thousands of implants. Your entire procedure will be performed by an
    experienced, qualified team.

 5. What type of maintenance am I responsible for?: Implant supported teeth need to be cared for just like natural teeth. You will 
     need to  see your dentist on a regular basis. 

 FINANCING: We offer low interest and no interest plans through Care Credit.

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